Recently, the BAPBR Family (founder and board members) welcomed a new member–she’s extremely smart, very even-tempered and judicious with distribution of her attention wherever it is needed, mild-mannered and generally gets along really well with everyone.  When Board Secretary, Lizz Smith, announced she and her boyfriend were adding to their family with a special someone from Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS), we were all thrilled to welcome Squishy!

Here’s a heart-warming first-hand account of the love-at-first-sight beginning to the very happy ending (or should we say, “new beginning”) from Squishy’s mom, Lizz…enjoy!


I like to think that our adopting Squishy was meant to be.  We first met Squishy last summer when we saw her lead the “Pitties in Pink”, as part of the Troutdale Parade.  She was ridiculously adorable in her pink tutu and tiara.  And she was probably the sweetest dog I have ever met!  We approached her and her MCAS walker, and immediately got showered with kisses.  I was in love, and started laying the ground work to talk my boyfriend into adopting her with me.  I convinced him enough to go meet her at again back at the facility to see if we were serious about our intentions (which I was) and then turned in our application right then and there.  Unfortunately, for us, she already had two applications on her, which meant we would be third in line to be the adopters.  It didn’t work out for us at the time, and she was taken home by one of the other adopters.  We decided to continue fostering orphaned dogs for the time being, until the next perfect someone came along.

 Fast forward 9 months and two foster dogs in our care later: I received an email from the Foster Coordinator at MCAS, letting me know Squishy was returned to their facility and was available for adoption again.  I dropped everything and went down the next day to apply for her and do a “pet meet” with our pit bull type dog–our son, Kevyn. Again!  Someone got to her before I did, and one application was ahead of us.  “No!,” I thought to myself.  “She’s my dog!”  I decided not to give up, because after all, this was meant to be!  The “pet meet” went well.  She was ready for play time with Kevyn, and he was “ok” with her.  So we just had to wait to see if she was going to be taken home by the first applicant.

The next day I got the great news (in my opinion) that she was not, in fact, going to be adopted and that I could come pick her up as soon as I liked.  I let my boyfriend know we had the “free and clear” to adopt her, we went down to MCAS to pick her up and we couldn’t be happier!

Squishy is exactly the dog we needed to integrate into our family.  We have a shy cat, Mona, and a shy dog, Kevyn.  Squishy pays little attention to Mona and is extremely friendly and loving with Kevyn.  She’s already having a great soothing effect on Kevyn, who is showing less fear when people come over.  Squishy can bring a smile to your face just by looking at her.  She sleeps next to me while I work from home.  She plays with Kevyn, just enough so that it doesn’t feel like “Wrestle Mania” in the house, but allows the dogs to still have fun together.  My boyfriend and I each have a cuddle buddy to watch TV with, and we have an amazing breed ambassador to help turn discriminatory minds into ones that smile and laugh when our dog approaches them with kisses while we are on a walk.  In a word, she is awesome!

Squishy’s currently working on her basic manners training, but in the long term, her parents have some big plans laid for her.  Passing her Canine Good Citizenship certification will be the next step and then working to become a certified therapy dog.  Lizz believes Squishy’s “gentle, loving spirit, will be perfect for bringing smiles and love to people who need it.”  We look forward to all of Squishy’s future accomplishments!