We thought this might be a happy ending for Caprice–our fingers and toes were crossed after we received a fabulous adoption application by way of our website.  We met with applicant, Sarah, and set her up to drive to a town east of Salem where Caprice is staying while on her Pit Stop.  But, it was not quite the right fit, which happens from time to time–and we’d much rather take time for each dog and adopter to make sure it’s a rock solid match.

Meanwhile, sweet Remmy, a pit bull type dog who was a homeless dog living at Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) was adopted at about this time.  As it turns out, his adopter then surrendered (dropped him off for adoption) him to Bonnie Hayes Animal Shelter, just two days later for barking in his crate.  To people involved with helping orphaned dogs, we know that living in a homeless animal facility can often be quite stressful to their psyches, but then to be adopted by (to the dog) a total stranger with no bonding time, and be put into a crate without proper time to crate train–well this is clearly a situation that requires loads of patience, a set routine and general “get to know you” time between guardian and dog.

Because we are well connected with nearly all of the in-state (and some out-of-state) animal welfare organizations, we generally know who is adopted, who is available for adoption, who is exceptionally stressed and more of an urgent case and who is returned by an adopter, at any given time.  These relationships allow us to cross-leverage potential foster homes, potential adopters and generally share important information between organizations that can ultimately help further the dogs’ causes.

As Remmy’s luck (and Sarah’s) would have it–we were able to talk in depth with Sarah about the possibility of adopting Remmy instead.  She went out to Bonnie Hayes facility to meet him and well, the rest is history!

Remmy’s new mom later reported to our founder, Angela Adams, “I have to say that he is the sweetest, most affectionate, wonderful dog of all time (with all due respect to my previous two dogs who passed away). When we first met Remmy at the Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter, he seemed very quiet and didn’t want to interact with me, my husband or my two boys. However, at one point he did snuffle my ear. And for me, that was it. My husband and I had concerns, but after talking to you and Lisa, decided to take the leap of faith. And we’ve been rewarded with truly one of the most wonderful dogs I’ve ever encountered.”

We thought we’d share the important tips that Sarah picked up from her experience in meeting Remmy and the decision-making process that she and her family went through to get to the point of bringing Remmy into their family.

Sarah’s advice:

Tip #1 for dog seekers out there—homeless dogs living in a kennel environment are so stressed out, that they will probably not show their wonderful side when you visit.

Tip #2—do your research. Talk to the volunteers who walk them and hang out with them to see what they think. Everyone we talked to said Remmy was a love bug.

[Checking out the car seat]

And finally, some kind words from Sarah and some Furever Family notes that are the stuff that makes us feel so content and rewarded for all the negative things we also deal with on a daily basis:

Personally, Remmy has been a savior to me. I work from home, so I’m pretty isolated. Remmy and I work all day, and run or walk all the time. He’s learned how to run like a champ. My health and mind haven’t been better. My boys love him too, and we’ve even lifted our ban on dogs sleeping with them. He now snuggles my youngest son all night.

I was so impressed with every one we dealt with during our search, from the first BAPBR foster mom we visited in Aumsville, to you and your quick response to my questions, to Lisa who picked up the phone right away to explain how wonderful Remmy is. You all are truly angels in my book. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Remmy loves to be touching someoneanyone. This is his favorite sleeping position–on top of someone.

This makes our hearts smile, from our entire organization!