Our special medical needs Adopt-a-Bull, Jacinda, will be sharing her most private thoughts and will keep everyone updated about her activities and antics, likes and dislikes and overall health progress. She started as a very sad and depressed, withdrawn girl, who had been kept in a backyard and bred repeatedly in her short 2 ½-3 years, with apparently no socialization or exposure to regular daily life activities and no veterinary care. As a result, BAPBR transferred her to our Pit Stop program committed to bringing back her spirits, getting her healthy (ridding her of mange and treating her allergies) and getting her the surgery she needs to remove the extensive excess skin that is impeding her mobility. Her emotional progress has been tremendous and a joy to see—we thought you’d enjoy the journey, too!

Jacinda is awaiting surgery and after her recovery, will be ready to go to loving Forever Home. More on that perfect home HERE.

12/12/12: Entry 1

Dear Diary,

I’ve been through a lot in the past few months. After my boring, boring, itchy life in a very warm place, I was brought to a big building with lots of barking dogs and strange smells. I was scared. Some people then sent me to another building like the first one, after a car drive to get there, and they put me in a back room where it seemed I could hear a ticking clock counting down (to what? I wonder…). Pretty soon, some REALLY NICE people came and got me and took me away from all that, but I was too sad to wag my tail in appreciation.

I stayed at a small building where lots of other animals stayed, too—I could tell we were all there temporarily, but I wasn’t sure what was next. It wasn’t long, just a few weeks taking medication to help my itching and then I got on a big bus and took a looooong ride to a cooler, wetter place—to here! I went to a very nice lady’s house for a few weeks as a “temporary foster home” and then I moved to my current long-term foster home, where they say I get to stay until I find my Forever Home. I now know all those nice people had played a part in helping me get to be here today, but I was too sad to even kiss their faces in thanks. I’m really glad I only have to move one more time and that will mean I have my own last name!

My foster parents really love me! I’ve been here a few weeks now and I am starting to really get used to being treated so nicely. They give me baths nearly every day to help me stop feeling so itchy. I get all sorts of good stuff on my food to help “boost my immune system” (whatever THAT means?!).

They gave me toys…I’ve never had these before so it took me a little while to figure out what the heck I was supposed to do with them. But now—look out world! I L-O-V-E ball sooooo much!

Your browser does not support the video tag.

Your browser does not support the video tag.

I also like to run, run, run, but it’s kind of hard on my extra-tummy skin…they put special clothes on me to hold it all in and keep it from bouncing so heavily. They call it my “udder jackets” and they really make me feel so much better!

I’m not so sad anymore…everyone makes me feel wanted and it is a great feeling! My foster dad even sleeps with me sometimes, to help comfort me and hold me, so I don’t scratch myself when everyone goes to bed. I really love that!

A girl could get used to this!