12/17/12: Entry 2

Dear Diary,

I’m not the biggest fan of baths, but I sure do seem to get a lot of them. My foster parents say my skin gets oily and I have a little funk to me if I don’t stay super clean. It’s because of my Demodex mange that they are helping me get rid of and they say I might have some allergies, too—but I’m going to get a test soon to see for sure.

The thing about baths is that, while they’re not my most favorite, my foster people say I’m super duper good about taking them. I like it when I’m told I’m a “good girl”! When I’m in the bath and it’s really happening to me—I do sort of enjoy the warm sudsy massages and all the nice words they say to me. Hmmmm, ahhhhh…

We’ve tried several different kinds of shampoos, but the one we’re sticking with now is this extra awesome one that a super nice lady, Kathleen, gave me. She works at THE COOLEST STORE IN THE WORLD (ok, it’s true, I do feel that way about any dog supply store I go to…but aren’t they all SO FANTASTIC?!), this place called Sellwood Dog Supply where I got to visit!

I also got to go to THE COOLEST STORE IN THE WORLD, Holistic Pet Club recently where I thought I’d get to just shop for treats for myself…but then it turned out there was a dog wash fundraiser for BAPBR. Before I knew it, was in the tub (again)!

Here’s my “bath face”.

But, after all my baths, I give people this look, and it ALWAYS works for a special treat!

I sure am learning how all this works…and I think I’m pretty successful. If only I could make them forget about my baths in the first place…



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