12/20/12: Entry 3

Dear Diary,

My foster parents noticed that I’ve been pretty uncomfortable with all my hangy-down extra skin. I had so many big litters of puppies in the past that I got all stretched out and it was too much for my body to bounce back into pre-baby shape. Foster mom picked up all my saggy teats and exclaimed that they must weigh at least 10 pounds! That’s when they came up with a helpful idea!

They took me over to THE COOLEST STORE IN THE WORLD, Sellwood Dog Supply, where the nice lady Kathleen took my measurements. At first I wasn’t sure why, but they did try lots of clothes on me, which was fun! I got tons of attention and rubs and light scratches during the process and I couldn’t help but gaze at Kathleen the whole time. Foster mom took a movie of it, see?

Here I am getting all measured up!


Being a model is hard work, but at least there were treats for being so good and tolerant!

Next, these super-duper nice, Nice, NICE(!) people came over to meet me and take more measurements at my foster house. My foster parents told me this couple had been helping to support my vet costs before they ever even met me AND the kind lady, Amanda, also knows how to sew really cute and warm doggie coats! Boy did I love all the attention that day!


Then Aunt Amanda and Uncle Justin took me on a cool walk around the neighborhood that I REALLY liked, but more on that later…my paws get tired from so much typing. I will just say that while everyone is busy making me custom fit, “udder coats” to hold in all my extra-long skin so I’m more comfortable until my surgery, I’ve been getting to wear all sorts of cool outfits. They’re not extra-long and slim-fitting, but they help a little bit and hey, lets’ face it—I look adorable in them!

Just a day or so later, I got to go for a CAR RIDE(!!!) to Aunt Amanda’s and Uncle Justin’s house to try on my new clothes…but it took me a few minutes to figure out what we were doing.

Turns out, Aunt Amanda made me my very own custom “udder jacket” with white polkies all over it…don’t I look soooooooo cute in it?

I mean, I knew already how good I looked, so I set about commandeering all the toys that were lying around. I couldn’t help myself (and there were so many choices!)!


But…where were my manners? Foster mom reminded me to sit for a “thank you” photo…cheese!

Thanks Aunt Amanda and Uncle Justin and Aunt Kathleen—I feel so special because of you!


PS: Jacinda is awaiting surgery and after her recovery, will be ready to go to loving Forever Home.  More on that perfect home, here.