12/28/12: Entry 4

Dear Diary,

At first, meeting new people was kind of uncomfortable for me.  See, I hadn’t really met many people before I got out of my old house—and the ones I did have contact with were NOT the nicest people.

So you can imagine why I was a little bit unsure and cautious each time I met someone knew, but my foster people came up with a great idea—just take me to places I really, really like and naturally I will meet really nice people there.  Since my favorite places to go (so far) are pet supply stores (and can you blame me?  Everywhere you look and smell…DELICOUSNESS!), and let people who ask, meet me.

Sometimes I’m so interested in them and give them my full attention for AT LEAST 5-10 seconds before I spot something else that requires my full and immediate attention—other times, I come close and pretend I’m interested, but then I have to sniff something else while I nicely let them give me rubs and scratches and tell me how pretty I am.  I am actually really accommodating to all my adoring fans the nice people who come over to say hello.

The more nice people I meet, the more I like to meet nice people!

Ok she’s not “new” to me per se, but I was happy to bump into the nice lady who took my professional glamor shots (guess she does lots of volunteering to take other BAPBR Pit Stop dogs’ photos, too!) for my very own website page!

Here is Jayme (www.forthelovepetphotography.com) rubbing me all over—felt so good!

I just thought I’d let you all know that if you see me somewhere out and about, don’t be shy…my foster parents say I cannot stop practicing meeting new people because it’s super duper good for me and that I missed out on too many nice people the first couple of years.

I look forward to saying “nice to meet you” very soon!


PS: Jacinda is awaiting surgery and after her recovery, will be ready to go to loving Forever Home.  More on that perfect home, here.