If you’re already ready familiar with BAPBR’s mission, you know that we are committed to helping keep local dogs out of our county animal facilities–either through working with pet guardians to help guide them with their dog issues to convince them to keep the dogs they made a life-time commitment to, or directly with the local animal organizations to transfer dogs out of their buildings and into our Pit Stop foster care program.  In turn, this creates crucial kennel space for the endless line of dogs entering their facilities and provides the new BAPBR recruits with a welcomed home environment to more quickly brush up on their house manners and shorten (usually) their time to adoption.

Out of all the local animal welfare organizations, we most frequently partner with Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) as they typically have the largest group of pit bull type dogs in need in our community.  Did you know that last year alone, BAPBR transferred and placed 42 dogs from MCAS through our program–all without a physical building?  This year brings new projects for us to work together on, allowing us to help even more dogs and we thought we’d talk a little bit more in depth about what we do, specifically.


If you have ever looked at our Adopt-a-Bulls page on our website http://blog.bapbr.org/adoptabulls/, we make a practice of listing every pit bull type dog/blend who is living at MCAS on our Petfinder page as a “courtesy posting”.  Sounds simple, but actually, we also spend a lot of time writing up attractive and detailed profiles and information on various MCAS dogs that we have a lot of information about.  We do this all in hopes that we are increasing the chances of a potential adopter to notice one of these dogs–since the MCAS dogs are listed only within the MCAS website, we like to spread their marketing opportunities by placing them on Petfinder.

Hand-in-hand with the courtesy postings, BAPBR Board Member, Lisa Wyatt, created and operates the blog site “Shelter Dogs of Portland” http://multnomahdogs.blogspot.com/ , which features the MCAS dogs.  We often promote and share the MCAS dogs who need some extra publicity on our Facebook page and then cross network them to all the animal welfare group contacts we have.  Creating a web presence for the shelter dogs greatly increases their chances of getting adopted and BAPBR is only too happy to lend a hand–it all works towards the common goal we all share.

We have been able to send many successful adoptions through to MCAS (and other animal organizations) through these methods.

In addition to expanding the web and social media publicity for these dogs, Lisa also volunteers with MCAS as a Foster Liaison for their pit bull type dogs, she works to match BAPBR foster applicants with MCAS dogs, giving the dogs a much needed break from the kennel environment.  Whenever we receive a foster application that requires a certain type of dog/fit that we don’t currently have in our program, we don’t want to lose that applicant as someone who could and is ready and willing to help an orphaned dog in need–so we share that family with the MCAS Foster Program.  This is a new partnership and we are thrilled at the prospects of what we can accomplish together.

But Lisa is like the Energizer Bunny–not only now assisting as BAPBR Foster Liaison,  she also assists MCAS dog trainers, Stephanie Collingsworth and Cindy Bruckart, with the weekly supervised play groups that they have the dogs participate in.  Last year, Lisa logged over 400 hours as a volunteer for MCAS, between dog personality and behavior assessments, supervising play groups, working at events and walking dogs.

Who knows what other ways we will be able to join forces in the future?  For now, we have a pretty positive and symbiotic partnership that allows the wheels of progress for pit bull type dogs to keep moving forward as a strong team in our community.

If you are interested in fostering for either BAPBR or MCAS, we are always looking to expand our network.  By fostering one dog, we can save two lives.  Please fill out an application here:  http://blog.bapbr.org/foster-application/