And BAPBR needs your help to assist our “sister” rescues

Every holiday season, BAPBR selects a fellow animal organization to bring awareness and to provide some form of vital assistance–to pay it forward. This year, we’d like to help one local rescue and one international sanctuary, and we’re asking for your help.

Two ways to give:
Here’s the “why” and the “how to”

Kiss Me Goodnight Rescue Ranch (Kiss Dogs):

In August of 2007, over 100 inbred outlaws known as the Kiss Clan came a ridin’ into the local animal shelter in Crook County in Eastern Oregon. They captured our hearts, and have held us hostage ever since. They were a wild, dirty bunch, led by a fearsome hooligan known as Big John, who ruled his pack with an iron paw. In his later years, he became lovingly known as Best Kiss, and sometimes Slow Poke. At the age of 22, John stands watch over a disabled man named Ralgh. Five long years have passed, and most have found a life outside the shelter walls. Those who were left behind are the blind, the elderly, and the most fearful. Five years in a shelter would break the heart and spirit of any dog. It is in the honor of these proud survivors, and all the other members of this great family, that we have established a sanctuary, where the last of The Great Kisses (24 dogs all told) can live with Dignity, Grace, and Kindness till the end of their days. We are just 2 women of limited means, but unlimited love, and dedication for these dogs. We are working to attain our 501c3 status, but it is a long, expensive process. In the meantime, we are trying to raise funds for The Kisses food and medical care.

BAPBR is holding a dog food drive to collect much-needed food for these dogs. They need 360 pounds of food a month—that’s just 9 bags of 40 pounds each– and we would like, with your help, to make a significant difference to their limited bottom line by helping feed the dogs. Let’s get them at least a few months of food to start off 2013!

We are accepting donations of unopened bags of 30 pounds or more. To donate dog food, please email to arrange for a pick up.

Zanzibar Animals Affection Society (ZAASO):

Two of BAPBR’s board members recently visited Zanzibar, Tanzania in East Africa and discovered this wonderful animal sanctuary in a place where animals are treated much differently from the way we would here at home—it was eye-opening and BAPBR as an organization wants to help, we hope our compassionate community will join us.

Anna van den Berg established ZAASO animal sanctuary in 2009, after she witnessed a collapsed working donkey with an overloaded cart in the road (Zanzibarians commonly use small donkeys to haul heavy loads and equipment). Her own dog, Simon, was also killed by locals around the same time, prompting her to do something for the animals in Zanzibar. ZAASO now runs two weekly clinics: A mobile clinic for the working donkeys in Stone Town, giving free medical treatment and educating the drivers on more humane practices for their working animals; and a Saturday community clinic at the ZAASO sanctuary where the local people bring their animals of all species for free dip-washing and medical treatment is given for the basic costs of the medicines. The island is small, the general population struggles to make ends meet and does not typically have pet dogs as is common in North America, Europe and Australia—the sanctuary struggles to provide for the animals in ways that the community cannot.

Currently ZAASO has 12 dogs , 2 cats, 18 rescued working donkeys, 3 goats and 3 cows. All of these animals need food, shelter and medical care and ZAASO needs funding to help achieve this, and to continue their clinics for the working animals and local community. ZAASO is the only animal welfare organization in Zanzibar and their existence is critical to alleviating the suffering of many animals in need.

The very small staff there is doing incredible work in tough conditions, with very little funding. In an exotic, but isolated island, medicines and basic supplies for animals (such as de-wormers, flea and tick treatment, antibiotics, etc.) are very hard to come by and extremely expensive there. BAPBR hopes to raise $500 to buy as many of these much needed supplies as possible to ship to ZAASO for the holidays. Please donate to the Chipin fund we’ve set up to raise money for medicines for ZAASO—every donation, no matter the size, makes a crucial difference to the animals of this island. Click here to donate chip the ChipIn page.

Please partner with BAPBR this holiday season and show not just our community, but the world, what a compassionate society we live in—let’s make some dreams come true together!